Coppin Community Center

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Developers of Youth, Supporters of Adults, Builders of Community


Coppin Community Center is a social-service nonprofit at Coppin Memorial AME Church in the Washington Park neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. Its vision is a healthy, safe, empowered community. Its mission is to develop youth, support adults and transform the quality of life for all people. It runs food and meal programs, and hosts youth and family programs such as the Boys & Girls Club.


Coppin Community Center is administered by a volunteer director, Frankye Parham, with guidance and support from the church pastor, Jon Robinson. Coppin Community Center is backed and governed by a new, hard-working board of directors from across the Chicagoland area, led by board chair, Michelle Robinson. Coppin Community Center is 501(c)(3) nonprofit community- and social-service organization.


Coppin Food Pantry

Mondays 4 to 6 pm. Every week, we distribute 10,000 pounds of fresh and preserved food from all food groups for 150 residents in zip codes 60637, 60621, 60615.

Coppin Cafe

Thursdays noon to 2 pm. A hot, chef-prepared, served lunch. For anyone. Closed 1/21/2019 for MLK Day, 5/27/2019 for Memorial Day, and 7/29/2019 for Independence Day.

Sundays 7:45 to 9:45 am. A hot, chef-prepared breakfast. For anyone. Closed 7/14/2019 for Independence Day.

Coppin Closet

As announced on Facebook. Distributes clothes a few times a year.

Boys & Girls Club

Monday through Friday after school program for 100+ School-aged youth.

Call us at 773-667-5881 for more information about our programs and volunteer opportunities.

773-667-5881 / 5627 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60637 /